Earn up to 35% cashback!

Without complications

Login and registration is done through the «BRAIN» icon, not through Google or VK …

Why one can trust AI?

AI (Artificial Intelligence) already copes with many tasks better than humans

Consulting and support

Training and supervision

Data Comparison and Analysis

What is MarketBot?

It is AI-technology of consumer behavior analysis that allows to predicts future demand.

MarketBot selects promising products analyzing trends in social networks and search queries. The team of professionals then develops and runs advertising campaigns.

As a result you make up to 35% a month!

Login and registration is done through the «BRAIN» icon, not through Google or VK …

How does it work?

You are guaranteed to get 55% of the cashback amount of every sale!

Minimum funding amount is USD 10

MarketBot analyzes the markets and select trending products and services

The professional team will choose the most attractive offers with maximum cashback

Specialists will launch a massive region specific advertising campaign

48 hours for moderation and earnings began

What about the rest of the money?

The part of the remaining 45% is used to finance the MarketBot Protect Fund

You have nothing to lose even in case the customer refuses the purchase and the cashback is canceled! The MarketBot will cover the canceled cashback!

Where the money comes from?

It is simple

Seller pays comission to cashback servise

MarketBot attracts potential customers using mass advertising

Cashback service is ready to share the profit with those who promote sales

You form advertising budget and entitled to get your share of comission

You make 1.25 to 1.35 USD of every dollar you invest in Advertising!

Your income is bigger with the Affiliate programe!

Invite a friend to join MarketBot sending him a USD 50 Gift Certificate

Your friend activates the Certificate

You are now entitled to 5% commission every time your friend funds an advertising campaign

MarketBot deserves your trust.
See for yourself.

Start earning a regular income in 48 hours!

USD50 Gift Certificate at registration!

Login and registration is done through the «BRAIN» icon, not through Google or VK … 5% Cashback Offer - Terms & Conditions

1. The below mentioned Terms and Conditions are applicable for the “5% Cashback” campaign.

2. By participating in this Offer, you are agreeing to the Terms & Conditions of the Offer. Any participation in this Offer is purely voluntary.

3. The cashback amount shall be 5% for every successful advertising campaign funding.

4. Only one Gift Certificate may be used per one account. Person cannot create multiple accounts to activate Gift certificates on multiple accounts.

5. You will be getting 5% Cashback any time the person that activated YOUR Gift Certificate is funding a new Advertising campaign.

6. This Offer shall be valid from October 15, 2019. Wexford Alliance Ltd (“Wexford”) reserves the right to change the offer-period and terms of offer without any prior notice.

7. The Offer will be applicable for a Customer holding a valid and active account.

8. Cashback amount will be applicable only on successful funding transactions to the Advertising account only.

9. Customer activating a Gift Certificate is agreeing that his first withdrawal will be limited to the amount no less than 100 USD. Further withdrawals won’t be limited in connection with the Cashback program.

10. Customer cannot activate his own Gift Certificate to his account.

11. The Gift Certificate is a marketing tool of USD 50 par value intended for one time use only and has to be returned to Wexford Alliance Ltd («Wexford) after you get the cashback.

You won’t be able to use Cashback to finance your Advertising campaigns until the first withdrawal after the Gift Certificate activation.

12. The cashback shall be available on the Cashback account immediately after the successful funding/purchase transaction is credited to the account.

13. Wexford shall not be responsible for, or liable for, any actions, claims, demands, losses, damage, costs, charges and expenses that one may suffer, sustain or incur due to this Offer.

14. In addition to the above, the regular Terms and Conditions of the shall apply.

15. Any disputes arising out of this Offer shall be subject to the exclusive jurisdiction Singapore irrespective of whether Courts in other areas have concurrent jurisdiction.

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